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Description: It's Mothers Day and you surprised your mom (Korina Kova) with a beautiful lakefront picnic, she is so happy and praises you for the surprise, she starts to nag a bit pleading for you to spend less time on your computer and more time outside or with friends, but you distract her with strawberries you picked from the garden, you also purchased her a bikini because you have strong urges to see her body revealed, when she shows you the bikini on herself you can't fight it and get a throbbing hard-on for her beautiful curvy body, when she notices she gets upset and decides its time to go home, you get an idea to hack into your computer game and create a hologram avatar of mommy, you put on your VR goggles to enjoy mommy exactly how you want to see her, looking slutty and giving you JOY.
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  • 10:00
  • 07.10.2019
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