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Hot brunette pounded by fitness instructor

Description: Kerry Brunette wants to get into shape before going off to college. She still has a little stubborn belly fat that won’t go away. A personal trainer is needed in situations like these to help flatten the tummy and tone the rest of her body. He agrees that her tummy needs work, but the rest of her is smoking hot. It’s not every day that he sees teens with bodies like the one she has. It immediately makes his cock harder than a diamond. He loves planting his face right between the ass cheeks of this teen, darling. She wraps her lips around his cock like she has done it a thousand times before. The person who’s getting the workout here is the trainer who pounds her pussy a good one. The balls in his nut sack are about to be put to the ultimate test as does her best to drain them of their precious semen.
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  • 8:00
  • 10.09.2019
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