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Magazine Sales Girl Rides a Giant Dick

Description: Josefine Kelly was selling magazine subscriptions to support her school. When she knocked at Vlad’s house, he opened dressed only in underwear. She wanted to say her spiel about the magazines when she noticed that enormous cock in his briefs. Her mouth opened and she was speechless. She stuttered when she delivered her next sales lines constantly being distracted by that big cock. Seemed like Vlad did not understand the language so she gave up and turned around. In that moment Vlad said “Magazines good” and invited her to his house. Sitting on his living room sofa she still could not take her eyes of that giant cock. Finally she asked if she could see it, then touch it, then lick it, then fuck it. Vlad agreed to it all. That cock barely fit into her pussy. To be exact, only a tiny part of the cock fit inside. First she was riding him. Then he doggied her. When they were in missionary he came over her belly and pussy. She gave him some magazine subscriptions for free.
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  • 11.02.2019
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