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Pulling hair is a way to care

Description: We all care about our close people like family, friends and relatives. Of course, we all understand care in different ways and that makes life rather hard but interesting at the same time. Anyway, sweet babe does her best to turn a flat into a comfy place for living and to please her boyfriend to the full and he, in his turn, believes that the best way to take care about a beautiful babe is to give her as many orgasms a day as possible. Luckily the dude is strong enough to seduce the hottie into making sex every day. In order to turn every action into a unique one, he talks the cutie into testing new positions or playing new games. This time he puts the hottie into doggy position and pulls her hair in order to control her beautiful butt's moves.
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  • 8:00
  • 10.07.2019
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