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Teenage Lesbian: Part 2

Description: Sam (Kristen Scott) is leaning up against a row of lockers at school, listening to her headphones, when a girl named Teresa (Whitney Wright) walks up and excuses herself to get to the locker Sam is leaning against. Sam apologizes and steps to the other side of the row, where her own locker is. She has never seen a girl so beautiful before. She just stares.A couple of weeks later, it's Christmas morning. Sam sits under the Christmas tree in her pajamas, as her father (Tommy Pistol) hands her a present from her grandmother. She unwraps it to reveal a big poofy prom dress. Sam looks horrified.With Christmas over, Sam and her best friend JC (Wolf Hudson) are driving one afternoon and talking about New Year's Eve, which is only a few days away. Sam says she's been invited out to a party with Nicole and JC makes a side comment about how fake that girl is. 'She's not fake, she's actually really cool if you get to know her,' Sam replies, trying to shrug it off. But she can tell her best friend is jealous of the time she and Nicole have been spending together.When Near Year's Eve rolls around, Sam and Nicole (Aidra Fox) are getting ready in Nicole's bedroom. As they laugh and joke around, Nicole playfully kisses Sam on the cheek. The moment becomes tense as they stare at each other ... before Sam slowly leans in and tries to kiss Nicole on the mouth. Nicole freaks out and pushes Sam away. Calling her a disgusting lesbian, Nicole tells Sam to get out of her house. Heartbroken, Sam gathers her things and stumbles out of the room.A week later, a devastated Sam writes in a journal she keeps on her computer, talking about how Nicole won't look at her anymore and how she needs to stop thinking about her.But even though Sam's mind is still on Nicole, she can't help but keep noticing Teresa around school.A few days later, Sam and JC are hanging out outside the school as someone passes out flyers about a rave that weekend. JC tells Sam that they should go.That weekend, the rave is dark, smokey, and full of people dancing. A DJ plays music in the background. As Sam dances with JC, a girl (Alina Lopez) approaches and begins to flirt with her. It's clear that the girl thinks Sam is a boy and, not knowing what to do, Sam plays along. They dance for a while.The girl tells Sam that she's 20 and LOVES younger guys like 18-year-old Sam, suggesting that they go somewhere to be alone. Inside a back room, Sam is clearly uncomfortable but doesn't know how to tell the truth ... especially after the girl starts to kiss her. She kisses back. It's her first real kiss. The girl runs her hands across Sam's chest and, panicking, Sam spins the girl around and starts to touch her. Sam takes the girl's shirt off, pulling her pants down and eating her out. The girl keeps asking for Sam's dick and Sam tries to make excuses but, finally, the girl turns back and starts to undo Sam's pants and reach inside. She feels nothing ... and looks up at Sam, who is bracing for the truth to come out.Just then, an older girl (Kenna James) comes wandering into the room. The other girl, embarrassed and shocked, pulls away from Sam, hastily putting her clothes back on as she leaves the room in a huff. Sam is freaked out and tries to continue pretending to be a man, but the new arrival shuts her down, revealing that she knows Sam is a girl. She introduces herself as Meg. Sam is surprised when Meg mentions that she's a lesbian, adding that Sam shouldn't waste her time trying to trick straight girls. As they chat, Meg is warm and empathetic, calming Sam down.Meg knows what it's like to feel lost and lonely, and she's going to show Sam that she's not as alone as she thinks she is...
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  • 9:59
  • 19.10.2019
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