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Teenage Lesbian: Part 3

Description: Sam (Kristen Scott) closes the door behind her as she enters the bathroom. She takes her father's razor and shaving foam from the drawer and slowly takes off her clothes. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she begins to tentatively shave.A few days later, Sam is in her bedroom, secretly watching a porno as she masturbates quietly, stifling her soft moans as she cums.Outside of the school the next day, Sam finally summons up all her courage and approaches Teresa (Whitney Wright) and asks to walk her home. Teresa smiles and says sure. As they walk away from the school, they make small talk about music and movies and seem to really get along. Sam asks Teresa if she wants to go see a movie on the weekend. She says yes. Sam walks her to her door and then rushes off, feeling like she's on top of the world.That weekend, Sam and Teresa get coffee together before seeing the movie. They chat for a while before Sam casually mentions something about wanting Teresa to be her girlfriend. Teresa stops and clarifies that, although she really enjoys Sam as a friend, she isn't actually interested in anything else. She likes boys.Later that night, Sam sits on her doorstep, not wanting to go inside, quietly crying.The next day, Sam accompanies Meg (Kenna James) to a community center to attend a lesbian youth group meeting. Sam feels very awkward going there ...and afraid of getting spotted. Meg finally caves and offers to have them sneak in a back door, so they aren't seen. Inside, the women seem very nice and Sam even recognizes a girl named Sarah (Kendra Spade) from her school. But she still feels very awkward.The group leader begins to talk about the center's mission: 'We want you to celebrate who you are, what makes you unique and why you matter,' she begins. 'For members of our lesbian, bisexual, and questioning youth community, we want to provide a safe environment to foster friendship, personal and professional skills, and the evolution of your identity. All the women in this group are between the ages of 18-21 and our drop-in sessions are here to help you build self-esteem and get ready to enter the real world!' As she speaks, Sam slowly begins to relax and listen.A few days later, Sam quietly watches the porno, with one eye on the door. The VHS jams in the VCR. Frustrated, she stuffs into a pillow, tracks through her house, and throws it in the garbage bin outside.At school the next day, Sam is called into her guidance counselor's office to discuss her college applications, since she's 18 now and needs to be considering which school to choose. During their conversation, Sam casually mentions being gay and the counselor, who has clearly never dealt with this before, gets excited and wants to talk about it. Sam finds herself loosening up and talking to her counselor, which brings a sense of empowerment.That night, Sam is in her bedroom, masturbating again under the covers. She begins to fantasize about the women from the community center. In her fantasy, they are having an orgy, their beautiful naked bodies intertwined as they writhe with pleasure.Later, Sam stares at herself in the mirror, topless, looking at herself with pride for the first time. She throws the duct tape that she used to use to tape down her breasts in the garbage.Outside the school the next day, Sam is having lunch with JC (Wolf Hudson) when Sarah, the girl she met at the youth group, asks to join them. They all start eating together and the two girls toss eyes back and forth, which JC clearly notices. Eventually, he excuses himself. Once alone, Sarah asks Sam if she is going to come back to the group. Sam shrugs it off. Sarah asks if she wants to go out just the two of them sometime. Sam says sure, a slight smile escaping her lips.Sam has finally learned to celebrate the person she is, the person she's ALWAYS been, and she can't wait to share that with Sarah.
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  • 20.10.2019
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